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El Tren del Aceite. The railway line from Jaén to Campo Real

The railway line from Jaén to Campo Real was legally approved in 1873, and the Andalusian Railway Company initiated the works for its construction in 1879, based on the project presented in 1876 by Jorge Loring, native of Málaga. In July of 1881, the stretch between Espelúy and Jaén was completed. In 1890, engineer De La Pierre modified the original project of the rail track, planning for the necessary stations and viaducts. The work was directed by engineer Carlos Alexandre, and the construction of the pontoons and metallic viaducts was commissioned to the company Daydé & Pillé in Creil, France.” _

These words are not mine. They are the first lines of a publication I found in a web page dedicated to the “Tren del aceite”, which is the more widely used name of the old train line that used to run between Córdoba and Jaén. I have made a link available for anybody who would like to dig deeper into the subject.

I have also added a photo of the part of the track that the video covers.


Additionally, I have included the Wikiloc link to the complete track of our trip, from Anya to Herrera del Duque.

Posted on 22-11-2020 | Travels


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